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Fodele is located in northern Crete between Heraklion and Rethymnon, about 29 km west of Heraklion town or 50 km east of Rethymnon town. With our arrival to Fodele we first see the beautiful sandy beach and then we follow the signs to enter in the village of Fodele, an original natural monument...


The idyllic Fodele which is an oasis of greenery, flowers, colors, flavors and water, is being developed in the close planted with orange and lemon namesake valley, which is crossed by the river Pantomantri and is fully surrounded by tall, wildtrees, caves and mountains.

Just opossite to the main square of Fodele there is a beautiful park - there is water running through it - surrounded by tall wildtrees which will offer a cooling atmosphere and shade in the summer, a playground - chilldren will also get enthusiast by feeding the ducks in the river- and a picnic site.

A wonderfull place, with a history full of legends, full of myths and traditions: fairies dancing during the nights in running waters, saints 'mediators' in love, goods demons that protect homes, bells that strike at nights inside the caves ...

Its residents are simple and warm and their main occupation is farming, horticulture, olive and citrus primarily. Cultivation and growing which follows the footsteps of a very long tradition.

Fodele is a top destination for the locals and especially for people coming from Heraklion during weekends for lunch in its many traditional tavernas.

Moreover, Fodele is the birthplace of the world-famous painter Dominicos Theotocopoulos (El Grego). His house of birth - a post-Byzantine building - is located northeast of the village and has been restored and turned into a museum under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.

It operates since 1998 and exhibites a significant part of reproducted works from the collection of the great painter. It is open from April 1 until the end of October daily from 9a.m. to 7p.m. and it is being visited by about ten thousand people per year. A brochure with the life and work of El Greco in 5 languages is available to the visitors.

Next to the museum under the shadow of old trees there is a cafe-restroom for visitors and just before going left there is a stone well water pumping mechanism, typical of a post-Byzantine farmhouse.


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